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Counterstrike Addiction Survey

1. Have you ever played Counterstrike? Yes No
2. When you see CS, you think of Counterstrike, not Computer Science. Yes No
3. Have you ever stayed up until the wee morning hours playing CS? Yes No
4. Have you turned down a social event in order to play CS? Yes No
5. Have you gotten to know people that you have met playing CS? Yes No
6. Have your grades suffered due to your Counterstrike habits? Yes No
7. Have you refused sex with your girlfriend in order to play CS? Yes No
8. Have you skinned your copy of CS? Yes No
9. Do you legally own your copy of CS? Yes No
10. Have you ever run your own CS Server? Yes No
11. Do you know your WON ID? Yes No
12. Do you use a microphone when you play CS? Yes No
13. Do you use radio comments such as 'Negative' or 'Affirmative' in real life? Yes No
14. Have you ever used rcon commands? Yes No
15. Do most of those around you play CS? Yes No
16. Have you ever played CS alone? Yes No
17. Have you ever played CS as part of massive online event? Yes No
18. Have you ever made your own CS map? Yes No
19. Have you purchased a more beefy machine so you wouldn't fall behind? Yes No
20. Do you know what lag is? Yes No
21. Do you think your ability to plot against the Terrorists will help you later in life? Yes No
22. Has anyone else criticized you for playing CS? Yes No
23. Are you in any leagues? Yes No
24. Are you in a clan? Yes No
25. Do you have a clan channel on IRC? Yes No
26. Does your clan have a private server? Yes No
27. Does your clan have a public server? Yes No
28. Do you reconnect to servers if your ratio is bad? Yes No
29. Does your clan have scrims? Yes No
30. Do you know who Ksharp is? Yes No
31. Do you know Ksharp's WON ID? Yes No
32. Have you ever used GeekPlay? Yes No
33. Have you ever recorded your own demo? Yes No
34. Have you ever made a CS movie? Yes No
35. Do you use aliases? Yes No
36. Do you use CS Configurator? Yes No
37. Do you use HLSW? Yes No
38. Have you ever used any type of hack? Yes No
39. Did you know that FNP90 has the fastest rate of fire? Yes No
40. Did you ever 'steal' CD keys? Yes No
41. Do you have a custom logo spray? Yes No
42. Does your logo help distract other people, or act as camouflage for yourself? Yes No
43. Do you spectate CPL matches? Yes No
44. Do you have a CS background on your desktop? Yes No
45. Do you know all the console commands (i.e. sv_gravity, cl_updaterate, etc.)? Yes No
46. Do you think of CS as a sport rather than a game? Yes No

Credits: Alex Moundalexis, Dimas

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The Fine Print: I'm not an addiction specialist. These are not clinical tests, and are provided for entertainment value only.